Bills and statements are ready to go digital

In other Blog-entries we already pointed out that paper bills and statements have virtually disappeared in Europe. Payments are done with a type of wire-transfer, online or by automatic payment transactions. When the average European is confronted with US-style billing and payment transactions, it usually results in utter disbelief, accompanied by some head shaking. We […]

Post Expo 2009: Product sightings

Postal Sanity is not affiliated with below listed companies and products.

The Loadhog “Pally” is a pallet with Dolly functionality. The wheels can be easily retracted and extended with a foot operated lever. Weights up to 500kg can be placed on one Pally…..

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Post Expo 2009: Postal self service stations

We spent 2 days at the Post Expo 2009 in Hannover, Germany. One product group which caught our attention were self service POS stations and parcel counters.

aCon Self Post Unit and Self Post Locker

DHL pack stations

Of course these technologies have been around for some years already, but so far not too many are deployed.

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Yet another security threat to online banking

A new Trojan, called “URL-zone”, is now starting to run wild in Germany. It is a rather crafty Trojan, which not only steals password and username, but it also allows for remote control of the infected computer. The infected computer is then instructed to execute a money transfer, which executes in the background and is […]

The race for secure electronic mail in Germany

The game is on. Swiss Post has established Inca Mail, a secure e-mail service, which is even used by the Swiss legal system, and Deutsche Post is now following suit. Here a summary of an article in “Financial Times Deutschland” (FTD): Deutsche Post (german postal service) is using targeted lobbying to block a secure e-mail […]

Electric and hybrid vehicles for USPS

Over the last years the topic of hybrid electrical vehicles (HEV) and electric vehicles (EV) popped up with increasing frequency. And in various postal forums it was subsequently suggested that USPS also convert to HEVs or EVs. So we decided to dive in tad…… Let’s start with the basics. USPS has around 142000 Long Life […]

Mail volume increase due to new on-line banking security threats?

1st class mail volumes have been dropping consistently over the last couple of years. Many people have switched to on-line banking for handling their accounts at various financial institutions. Since the early days of on-line banking there have always been security issues of one sort or anoher, but now the threats are getting more severe, […]

The far future of standard mail

And we mean the far future.  Like…. let’s say 40 or 50 years.  Now that’s a tough one to predict.  But we’ll try anyways.  FYI:  When we use the term standard mail in this discussion we do exclude small parcels. Our gut feeling tells us that 2 major factors will determine the long term future […]

Expanding USPS services outside the “box”

We were reading the USPS strategic plan and found it interesting to a degree. Especially one point caught our interest. Quote LEVERAGE OUR STRENGTHS We are a familiar and trusted presence in communities throughout the country. Every day, millions of customers visit their local Post Office. We have the largest distribution system in the country, […]

Yodeling will cause sharp declines in letter mail

How so you may ask? Let us explain: The Swiss Alps are populated with savvy mountain people. In ye olden days they developed superior techniques for communication over mountain ranges. One is the alphorn and then there is yodeling. As we said, them Swiss are crafty tribesmen. Thus they have moved on to regular mail […]

Virtual mail delivery in rural areas

In June 2009 Swiss Post has launched Swiss Post Box ( Quote from their website: Swiss Post Box is the secure, electronic equivalent to your regular physical mail box. It is the secure electronic post box of the future. With Swiss Post Box you have access to your physical mail online any time, from anywhere. […]

Spot the traitors at the Post Expo 2009

In the light of diminishing mail volumes and fighting those DO NOT MAIL campaigners we now have the traitors right amongst us. You better believe it. We found this little gem on the official Post Expo 2009 website: “Only receive email updates about the show – not paper updates – when there is breaking news […]