Licensing of paperless mail technologies: The right tool for the right job

The change is coming Paper based mail has been very successful for a long time by providing a multitude of satisfactory services for senders and recipients. Transactional mailings, certified mail, return receipt, direct mail, personal messages and many other services are so far been well taken care of within the traditional paper based mail systems. […]

Streamlining the USPS point of sales operation

Some time ago we had to mail an important document and went to our local post office around 3pm, expecting to get in and out within a few minutes. As we entered we found 22 people, already in line, and ended up waiting only 45 minutes, since four persons in front of us just gave […]

International e-commerce: How big will it grow?

We asked ourselves this question. And then we came up with some more questions and thoughts which we like to share with our readers. Who is most likely to shop abroad? People which have executed numerous online orders within their own country are familiar with e-commerce and have accumulated trust in online transactions. Out of […]

International e-commerce: A shopper’s viewpoint

Cross border e-commerce seems on the rise and last week Sears announced the following on their website: — NEW International Shipping – Customers can conveniently ship to 90 countries around the globe. Prices will be displayed in the currency of the customer’s choice. International shipping fees, customs duties, and taxes are automatically added and processed […]

Deutsche Post goes digital

Deutsche Post has released some more info about the coming Online-Letter (“Online-Brief”) product. It is due to start in the first half of 2010, the price structuring is yet unknown. Deutsche Post says that flat rates or per-piece pricing, or both, could be possible. German newspapers indicate that the price would be less than 10 […]

zumbox vs. NoMorePost (part2)

In the first part of our comparison we concluded that more convenient bill payment options are needed for US based operations, and that zumbox seems potentially more prone to “junk mail” than NoMorePost. What follows is a closer look at the cost of paperless mailings, and for that we will distinguish between transactional mailings (bills, […]

Disappearing USPS Collection Boxes

Quote from USPS OIG article News about disappearing collection boxes is everywhere these days. Even BBC News ran a story on the decline of the blue collection box in the United States. The Postal Service argues that picking up mail from collection boxes is expensive. Removing underused boxes is a cost savings move and a […]

zumbox vs. NoMorePost

zumbox and NoMorePost are providing paperless mail services and are starting to compete with conventional delivered paper mail. NoMorePost is based in the UK and zumbox is based in the US. We made a first short comparison between zumbox and NoMorePost and here are our impressions: Web Page: Both companies need an informative and easy […]

Life cycle of postal services

Most technologies and services go through technology and product life cycles. It is reasonable to assume that postal products and services will follow a life cycle as well. According to the life-cycle science, the decline of technologies, products and services will happen in given time. Life-cycle management is a main staple to successfully manage short-lived […]

zumbox is sued by Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes is a seasoned player in the traditional mailing industry, has 36,000 employees, and offers a quite wide variety of products, typically somehow related with the mail medium paper. Since Pitney Bowes is suing zumbox, we thought that Pitney Bowes might already offer some digital mail technologies, which are comparable to zumbox. After some […]

zumbox and “junk mail”

The zumbox website indicates that zumbox will not only send bills and statements, but also direct marketing mail, which the public commonly refers to as junk mail. Direct marketers like to use paper “junk mail” for it’s high visual impact and the resulting response rates. One reason for the high visual impact, is the low […]

Post Expo 2009: Product sightings (part 2)

Electrical Vehicles were presented by 11 different companies, displaying electric bikes, cars and vans. Electric scooters were strongly presented and are becoming popular in European postal environments. For example Swiss Post is buying 250 more scooters from Oxygen. Swiss Post has a fleet of about 7000 gasoline powered scooters. Mail Gateway Technologies are coming and […]