Smart phone apps increase sales of USPS hybrid postcards

Not many people know that USPS already offers a hybrid postcard service. So far it is just a little niche product, but with potential for growth. We take a look at Austria Post AG, which has taken the idea of hybrid postcards a step further. The Austrian Postal Service launched “e-Postkarte” (e-Postcard). e-Postkarte is a […]

Paperless Mail: Expectations for rapid success not in near future according to DVPT

The German Association for Post, IT and Telecommunication (DVPT) has polled its members (enterprises and public institutions) about their planned usage of the upcoming digital paperless mail systems, E-Postbrief and De-Mail. Only 20% of the companies are considering implementation of paperless mail within the next 12 months. 23% are generally not planning any future implementation. […]

Advent of the iPad: Apple will take a bite out of direct mail volumes

Within 10 years, and contrary to some pep talks in the direct mail industry, we foresee that future tablet devices will take a measurable bite out of paper-based direct mail volumes. Ever improving iPad-class devices will become a very attractive vehicle for targeted sensible advertising. The key to sensible advertising is to avoid flooding the […]

Why doesn’t USPS capitalize on (Solar) Power Purchase Agreements?

To answer this question right away: We don’t know. But USPS, in its infinite wisdom, may have reasons not to do so. Now, if you are wondering what a (Solar) Power Purchase Agreement is, you can find a short overview here. Unlike USPS, other public institutions have come to realize the advantages of (Solar) Power […]

Will Pitney Bowes pull a rabbit out of the hat at the upcoming National Postal Forum?

In October 2009, zumbox was being sued by Pitney Bowes over various alleged patent infringements. At the time zumbox was making quite some headlines with their paperless mail offering, especially when some major cities signed up with the zumbox service. Since then, we haven’t heard of any news indicating that the lawsuit has been resolved. Some days ago […]

Security related cost of paper-based mail vs. paperless mail

Some opinions stated that a virtual mail system (paperless mail) would be more sensitive towards attacks than our current physical, paper-based mail systems. Considering the ongoing magnitude of cyber attacks, our first instinct was to go along with these opinions. But after some more thought we now can see a possible advantage for paperless mail […]

USPS closing in on five-day delivery service

Lately we witnessed some discussions about the possibility that USPS should or would downgrade to a five-day delivery service. The PRC estimated savings of $2.2 Billion per year by transitioning to a five-day delivery. And last year, the PRC looked at suspending service on Tuesday or Saturday. Eliminating delivery on a day with light mail […]

Direct Mail Marketing headaches with paperless mail

Mailing industry experts do agree that paper based mail volumes will continue to fall. Especially first class mail, a big money maker, is affected by this decline. Part of the decline is due to the economy, but according to Deutsche Post the better part of this decline is caused by the Internet. As this development continues […]

USPS goes green, for free, and locks in attractive electricity price.

USPS can go green and lock in the price of electricity for up to 20 years. And all that without any upfront capital cost. Such an arrangement can be made possible through a “Solar Power Purchase Agreement” (SPPA), which is a newer business model. Under a SPPA, USPS would allow a solar service provider to […]

La poste, c’est moi! — I’m the postal service

With this classy statement Swiss Post chairman Claude Begle managed to upset some of his fellow mountain dwellers, which are kind and modest people and not used to such sacrilegious self-congratulations. “L’etat, c’est moi” (I am the state) said Louis XIV, known as the French sun king. Logic almost dictates that Claude Begle could now […]

United States Postal Service Lottery – Potential revenue in excess of $500 Million

In our last post we ended up joking around that USPS could start it’s own lottery. For some reason this preposterous idea stuck in our heads and we started juggling some numbers in a spreadsheet. A couple hundred million dollars in revenue may be quite possible. Not too bad. We seriously doubt that USPS can […]

Attempts to revive the dying art of writing letters

Do you remember the time when you regularly sent or received personal letters and post cards? In our case it’s been a while, yet we still remember the pleasant excitement of receiving letter correspondence. By now, the treasured occurrences of receiving a letter, have been replaced by a barrage of phone and e-mail messages, which […]