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Deutsche Post launched the Digital Mail Service “E-Postbrief”: Expensive pricing and lack of legal certainty at first sight, but well planned out in the end.

Deutsche Post has launched their new digital mail product “E-Postbrief”. The E-Postbrief can be a 100% digital letter, if sender and recipient do have registered accounts. A hybrid mail solution takes place if the recipient has no registered account: In this case Deutsche Post will print the digitally submitted letter and deliver it as regular […]

Rock Bottom Postal Wages in 6 Easy Steps

Use the following instructions at your own risk. Liberalize the postal market within your country. This enables private competitors to move in and cherry pick high profit areas. The national postal operator will carry on the expensive Universal Service Obligation. Wait a while before proceeding to step 2. Privatize the by now ailing postal system. […]

Deutsche Post Mail Division leaves no stone unturned in pursuit of savings

On June 12th, the German magazine WirtschaftsWoche wrote that the mailing division of Deutsche Post is planning to save $1.2 Billion within one year. This herculean effort, named “Project One” was said to comprise five day delivery, sale of the 350 remaining post offices, possibly lowering the next day delivery rate of currently 95% (only […]

Security related cost of paper-based mail vs. paperless mail

Some opinions stated that a virtual mail system (paperless mail) would be more sensitive towards attacks than our current physical, paper-based mail systems. Considering the ongoing magnitude of cyber attacks, our first instinct was to go along with these opinions. But after some more thought we now can see a possible advantage for paperless mail […]

La poste, c’est moi! — I’m the postal service

With this classy statement Swiss Post chairman Claude Begle managed to upset some of his fellow mountain dwellers, which are kind and modest people and not used to such sacrilegious self-congratulations. “L’etat, c’est moi” (I am the state) said Louis XIV, known as the French sun king. Logic almost dictates that Claude Begle could now […]

Licensing of paperless mail technologies: The right tool for the right job

The change is coming Paper based mail has been very successful for a long time by providing a multitude of satisfactory services for senders and recipients. Transactional mailings, certified mail, return receipt, direct mail, personal messages and many other services are so far been well taken care of within the traditional paper based mail systems. […]

Deutsche Post goes digital

Deutsche Post has released some more info about the coming Online-Letter (“Online-Brief”) product. It is due to start in the first half of 2010, the price structuring is yet unknown. Deutsche Post says that flat rates or per-piece pricing, or both, could be possible. German newspapers indicate that the price would be less than 10 […]

Life cycle of postal services

Most technologies and services go through technology and product life cycles. It is reasonable to assume that postal products and services will follow a life cycle as well. According to the life-cycle science, the decline of technologies, products and services will happen in given time. Life-cycle management is a main staple to successfully manage short-lived […]

zumbox and “junk mail”

The zumbox website indicates that zumbox will not only send bills and statements, but also direct marketing mail, which the public commonly refers to as junk mail. Direct marketers like to use paper “junk mail” for it’s high visual impact and the resulting response rates. One reason for the high visual impact, is the low […]

The far future of standard mail

And we mean the far future.  Like…. let’s say 40 or 50 years.  Now that’s a tough one to predict.  But we’ll try anyways.  FYI:  When we use the term standard mail in this discussion we do exclude small parcels. Our gut feeling tells us that 2 major factors will determine the long term future […]