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Royal Mail receives Awards for doing the Obvious

Yes, that’s right folks! The World Class Manufacturing Association presented Royal Mail with three bronze awards for its achievements, partially for determining “that dust fibres from envelopes were the cause for frequent stoppages of the mail sorting equipment. From a machine stopping every 1,400 letters, it can now run for several shifts without any problems.” […]

Rock Bottom Postal Wages in 6 Easy Steps

Use the following instructions at your own risk. Liberalize the postal market within your country. This enables private competitors to move in and cherry pick high profit areas. The national postal operator will carry on the expensive Universal Service Obligation. Wait a while before proceeding to step 2. Privatize the by now ailing postal system. […]

Intelligent Mail barcode may give rise to counterfeit, postage prepaid greeting cards

Last week, USPS Board of Governors Chairman Louis Giuliano discussed the Postal Service’s 10-year action plan with major business mailers from across the country. We quote from the USPS news release I also believe that when it comes to further revenue growth, there’s a vital role to be played by Intelligent Mail Barcode applications. We […]

United States Postal Service Lottery – Potential revenue in excess of $500 Million

In our last post we ended up joking around that USPS could start it’s own lottery. For some reason this preposterous idea stuck in our heads and we started juggling some numbers in a spreadsheet. A couple hundred million dollars in revenue may be quite possible. Not too bad. We seriously doubt that USPS can […]

Attempts to revive the dying art of writing letters

Do you remember the time when you regularly sent or received personal letters and post cards? In our case it’s been a while, yet we still remember the pleasant excitement of receiving letter correspondence. By now, the treasured occurrences of receiving a letter, have been replaced by a barrage of phone and e-mail messages, which […]

The far future of standard mail

And we mean the far future.  Like…. let’s say 40 or 50 years.  Now that’s a tough one to predict.  But we’ll try anyways.  FYI:  When we use the term standard mail in this discussion we do exclude small parcels. Our gut feeling tells us that 2 major factors will determine the long term future […]