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Table of worldwide Paperless Mail Providers

The newest version of the table can be downloaded here. (right click – save as) We updated the table as follows: Version 1.5: (March-31st-2011) Added Volly/USA, PosteCS/Canada and digiposte/France Added Accenture Digital Mail, Manilla/USA, Doxo/USA some smaller edits Services listed in table are: Apartado Postal Electronico / Spain SafeMail /Ireland Mein Brief.atRaiffeisen / Austria Post, […]

Fresh Revenue Streams for the U.S. Postal Service

Some days ago, it was all over the news that USPS lost $8.5 Billion and may be “broke” by this time next year. This news did not come as a surprise to most in the mailing business and not to ‘Postal Sanity” either. However, the $8.5 Billion figure is big enough to compel us throwing […]

Technical Feasibility of Mobile Postal Sensor Network Services 

Michael Ravnitzky, chief legal counsel to US Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) chairwoman Ruth Goldway, presented the following paper in June 2010:  “Offering Sensor Network Services Using the Postal Delivery Vehicle Fleet”. Today,  ePostal News has commented on Mr. Ravnitzky’s paper in a rather entertaining fashion and pointed out the lack of connection to the postal core business.  In fact, the ePostal News article humored us […]

U.S. Postal Rates excel in International Comparison

There is a lot of upset in the U.S. mailing community over the proposed USPS rate increases.  Especially high volume mailers are trying to fight this and have now declared war on USPS under the umbrella of the newly founded Affordable Mail Alliance. There are calls for USPS to become more efficient and to address […]

Click-N-Ship Labels: Is USPS alienating customers, just to keep delivery scores up?

Some reports on the Internet indicate a new “unofficial” USPS procedure regarding Click-N-Ship labels. We quote: from ******************************************************* Last Monday, I stepped into a local post office and handed 6 postage-paid, domestic packages to the postal clerk. She looked over each, then stated, “These 5 cannot be shipped. They have the wrong date.” As […]

Intelligent Mail barcode may give rise to counterfeit, postage prepaid greeting cards

Last week, USPS Board of Governors Chairman Louis Giuliano discussed the Postal Service’s 10-year action plan with major business mailers from across the country. We quote from the USPS news release I also believe that when it comes to further revenue growth, there’s a vital role to be played by Intelligent Mail Barcode applications. We […]

Smart phone apps increase sales of USPS hybrid postcards

Not many people know that USPS already offers a hybrid postcard service. So far it is just a little niche product, but with potential for growth. We take a look at Austria Post AG, which has taken the idea of hybrid postcards a step further. The Austrian Postal Service launched “e-Postkarte” (e-Postcard). e-Postkarte is a […]

Why doesn’t USPS capitalize on (Solar) Power Purchase Agreements?

To answer this question right away: We don’t know. But USPS, in its infinite wisdom, may have reasons not to do so. Now, if you are wondering what a (Solar) Power Purchase Agreement is, you can find a short overview here. Unlike USPS, other public institutions have come to realize the advantages of (Solar) Power […]

USPS goes green, for free, and locks in attractive electricity price.

USPS can go green and lock in the price of electricity for up to 20 years. And all that without any upfront capital cost. Such an arrangement can be made possible through a “Solar Power Purchase Agreement” (SPPA), which is a newer business model. Under a SPPA, USPS would allow a solar service provider to […]

United States Postal Service Lottery – Potential revenue in excess of $500 Million

In our last post we ended up joking around that USPS could start it’s own lottery. For some reason this preposterous idea stuck in our heads and we started juggling some numbers in a spreadsheet. A couple hundred million dollars in revenue may be quite possible. Not too bad. We seriously doubt that USPS can […]

Streamlining the USPS point of sales operation

Some time ago we had to mail an important document and went to our local post office around 3pm, expecting to get in and out within a few minutes. As we entered we found 22 people, already in line, and ended up waiting only 45 minutes, since four persons in front of us just gave […]

zumbox vs. NoMorePost

zumbox and NoMorePost are providing paperless mail services and are starting to compete with conventional delivered paper mail. NoMorePost is based in the UK and zumbox is based in the US. We made a first short comparison between zumbox and NoMorePost and here are our impressions: Web Page: Both companies need an informative and easy […]