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Why doesn’t USPS capitalize on (Solar) Power Purchase Agreements?

To answer this question right away: We don’t know. But USPS, in its infinite wisdom, may have reasons not to do so. Now, if you are wondering what a (Solar) Power Purchase Agreement is, you can find a short overview here. Unlike USPS, other public institutions have come to realize the advantages of (Solar) Power […]

USPS goes green, for free, and locks in attractive electricity price.

USPS can go green and lock in the price of electricity for up to 20 years. And all that without any upfront capital cost. Such an arrangement can be made possible through a “Solar Power Purchase Agreement” (SPPA), which is a newer business model. Under a SPPA, USPS would allow a solar service provider to […]

Electric and hybrid vehicles for USPS

Over the last years the topic of hybrid electrical vehicles (HEV) and electric vehicles (EV) popped up with increasing frequency. And in various postal forums it was subsequently suggested that USPS also convert to HEVs or EVs. So we decided to dive in tad…… Let’s start with the basics. USPS has around 142000 Long Life […]