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zumbox and “junk mail”

The zumbox website indicates that zumbox will not only send bills and statements, but also direct marketing mail, which the public commonly refers to as junk mail. Direct marketers like to use paper “junk mail” for it’s high visual impact and the resulting response rates. One reason for the high visual impact, is the low […]

Bills and statements are ready to go digital

In other Blog-entries we already pointed out that paper bills and statements have virtually disappeared in Europe. Payments are done with a type of wire-transfer, online or by automatic payment transactions. When the average European is confronted with US-style billing and payment transactions, it usually results in utter disbelief, accompanied by some head shaking. We […]

Yet another security threat to online banking

A new Trojan, called “URL-zone”, is now starting to run wild in Germany. It is a rather crafty Trojan, which not only steals password and username, but it also allows for remote control of the infected computer. The infected computer is then instructed to execute a money transfer, which executes in the background and is […]

The race for secure electronic mail in Germany

The game is on. Swiss Post has established Inca Mail, a secure e-mail service, which is even used by the Swiss legal system, and Deutsche Post is now following suit. Here a summary of an article in “Financial Times Deutschland” (FTD): Deutsche Post (german postal service) is using targeted lobbying to block a secure e-mail […]

Mail volume increase due to new on-line banking security threats?

1st class mail volumes have been dropping consistently over the last couple of years. Many people have switched to on-line banking for handling their accounts at various financial institutions. Since the early days of on-line banking there have always been security issues of one sort or anoher, but now the threats are getting more severe, […]