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Table of worldwide Paperless Mail Providers

The newest version of the table can be downloaded here. (right click – save as) We updated the table as follows: Version 1.5: (March-31st-2011) Added Volly/USA, PosteCS/Canada and digiposte/France Added Accenture Digital Mail, Manilla/USA, Doxo/USA some smaller edits Services listed in table are: Apartado Postal Electronico / Spain SafeMail /Ireland Mein Brief.atRaiffeisen / Austria Post, […]

Switching to Digital Mail: Keeping control of paper mail stream may ease consumer reluctance

Several digital mail providers compete for their share of the digital transactional mail business. Manilla has just sent out e-mails to pre-registered consumers to inform them that “the Manilla private beta has officially launched”. Alas, the “private” Beta phase is not so private after all and Manilla tweeted the launch, advertising a $5000 sweep-stake amongst […]

Paperless Mail: Expectations for rapid success not in near future according to DVPT

The German Association for Post, IT and Telecommunication (DVPT) has polled its members (enterprises and public institutions) about their planned usage of the upcoming digital paperless mail systems, E-Postbrief and De-Mail. Only 20% of the companies are considering implementation of paperless mail within the next 12 months. 23% are generally not planning any future implementation. […]

Advent of the iPad: Apple will take a bite out of direct mail volumes

Within 10 years, and contrary to some pep talks in the direct mail industry, we foresee that future tablet devices will take a measurable bite out of paper-based direct mail volumes. Ever improving iPad-class devices will become a very attractive vehicle for targeted sensible advertising. The key to sensible advertising is to avoid flooding the […]

Will Pitney Bowes pull a rabbit out of the hat at the upcoming National Postal Forum?

In October 2009, zumbox was being sued by Pitney Bowes over various alleged patent infringements. At the time zumbox was making quite some headlines with their paperless mail offering, especially when some major cities signed up with the zumbox service. Since then, we haven’t heard of any news indicating that the lawsuit has been resolved. Some days ago […]

Direct Mail Marketing headaches with paperless mail

Mailing industry experts do agree that paper based mail volumes will continue to fall. Especially first class mail, a big money maker, is affected by this decline. Part of the decline is due to the economy, but according to Deutsche Post the better part of this decline is caused by the Internet. As this development continues […]

La poste, c’est moi! — I’m the postal service

With this classy statement Swiss Post chairman Claude Begle managed to upset some of his fellow mountain dwellers, which are kind and modest people and not used to such sacrilegious self-congratulations. “L’etat, c’est moi” (I am the state) said Louis XIV, known as the French sun king. Logic almost dictates that Claude Begle could now […]

Licensing of paperless mail technologies: The right tool for the right job

The change is coming Paper based mail has been very successful for a long time by providing a multitude of satisfactory services for senders and recipients. Transactional mailings, certified mail, return receipt, direct mail, personal messages and many other services are so far been well taken care of within the traditional paper based mail systems. […]

Deutsche Post goes digital

Deutsche Post has released some more info about the coming Online-Letter (“Online-Brief”) product. It is due to start in the first half of 2010, the price structuring is yet unknown. Deutsche Post says that flat rates or per-piece pricing, or both, could be possible. German newspapers indicate that the price would be less than 10 […]

zumbox vs. NoMorePost (part2)

In the first part of our comparison we concluded that more convenient bill payment options are needed for US based operations, and that zumbox seems potentially more prone to “junk mail” than NoMorePost. What follows is a closer look at the cost of paperless mailings, and for that we will distinguish between transactional mailings (bills, […]

zumbox vs. NoMorePost

zumbox and NoMorePost are providing paperless mail services and are starting to compete with conventional delivered paper mail. NoMorePost is based in the UK and zumbox is based in the US. We made a first short comparison between zumbox and NoMorePost and here are our impressions: Web Page: Both companies need an informative and easy […]

zumbox is sued by Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes is a seasoned player in the traditional mailing industry, has 36,000 employees, and offers a quite wide variety of products, typically somehow related with the mail medium paper. Since Pitney Bowes is suing zumbox, we thought that Pitney Bowes might already offer some digital mail technologies, which are comparable to zumbox. After some […]