Last week, USPS Board of Governors Chairman Louis Giuliano discussed the Postal Service’s 10-year action plan with major business mailers from across the country.

We quote from the USPS news release

I also believe that when it comes to further revenue growth, there’s a vital role to be played by Intelligent Mail Barcode applications. We believe IMb holds significant potential for improving new products that have not yet been defined. One recently announced new endeavor will enable greeting card customers to buy cards with postage included for a single price. The card producer pays the Postal Service when the card is actually processed.

This is a nice idea, and its implementation may seem fairly easy. But only at first sight. The subject matter becomes complicated with the rise of counterfeit products. The IMb code is easy to hack, inviting the appearance of counterfeit greeting cards. Identifying and combating counterfeits will be a gruesome and expensive task. Besides all this we ask: How will this idea have a measurable impact on postcard volumes?

We already suggested a less risky and straightforward option to increase post card volumes, in our post: New smart phone apps will increase sales of USPS hybrid postcards

Speaking of Intelligent Mail barcode: Dead Tree Edition features some interesting articles on the IMb.