With this classy statement Swiss Post chairman Claude Begle managed to upset some of his fellow mountain dwellers, which are kind and modest people and not used to such sacrilegious self-congratulations. “L’etat, c’est moi” (I am the state) said Louis XIV, known as the French sun king. Logic almost dictates that Claude Begle could now be called the Swiss Post King. We like the man and his statement; finally someone who is bringing a whiff of fresh air into an industry which is muffled by political correctness.

More importantly Claude Begle is pursuing international expansion via Swiss Post Solutions. And he is not exactly making friends with this plan either. Swiss critics rightfully point out that the foreign logistics market has already been cornered by TNT, Deutsche Post and DHL. It seems there is not much left to do for Swiss Post, alas Swiss Post Solutions has just opened a Washington D.C. office and is well established in NYC, where it is offering mail room services for TimeWarner, CNN and the like. Swiss Post Solution even manages the ticket sale for the NYC Rockefeller tower. So far 1500 people work for Swiss Post Solutions in NYC.

The U.S. based business sees two digit growth and makes profit, although it currently contributes less than 1% to the Swiss Post gross sales. Claude Begle sees a paper based mail volume drop of 30% by 2015. So he is set on supplementing the paper based mail services with electronic mail services. In an interview with Swiss TV he said: “I believe these new technologies could become our new core business within 10 to 20 years”.

Postal Sanity concurs with the Swiss Post King. Swiss Post is in a good position to offer their suite of existing and proven digital mail solutions to the world. That is where the growth potential is, rather than confining services to Switzerland only. Swiss Post is well advised to go for this market now, before the power house Deutsche Post follows suit with their Online Brief (online letter) service. In the long term this expansion may help Swiss Post pay for their universal service obligation at home.

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