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The Loadhog “Pally” is a pallet with Dolly functionality. The wheels can be easily retracted and extended with a foot operated lever. Weights up to 500kg can be placed on one Pally. We liked this promising product. And the price seemed right too, if purchased in bigger quantities. Obligatory testing in smaller batches will reveal how the Pally performs on pitted production floors, how usable it is and how durable.

Sohns Maschinenbau:  Offering letters and flats cancellers and sorters. The model on display, a CMP series cancelling & franking machine was built like a tank. The mail transport looked very rugged and up to the task to process flats up two 50mm (almost 2 inches) thickness. The print position is the same on each flat, but it can be adjusted before a batch run starts. Sohns also offers systems which provide stamp recognition (up to 500 different stamps) and dynamic print positions for individual flats with a throughput of 18,000 flats/hour.

Daesung L&A offered a bar-code scanner, which integrates quite neatly with a cell phone with the help of an adapter.  The barcode scanner add-on also features a scrap-pad LCD display for additional user inputs. The cell phone can transmit scanned data in real time to middle ware servers.  We found the mentioned price rather attractive. Only one cell phone model is currently supported, but Daesung plans to support more models in the future.  When we went to investigate Daesung’s website, we found that all relevant information is in Korean, and the website design is rather unusual by western standards. Daesung L&A could have capitalized some more on the show’s exposure, by providing an English and up-to-date version of their website.

Postjet Systems Ltd offers a drop on demand inkjet printers, which show potential to give the traditional continuous-ink-stream-printers a run for their money. The postjet 1040 model is capable of printing at product speeds of up to 5 meters per second with a 326 dpi resolution. We were told that the print head nozzles are not prone to clogging, due to the use of oil based ink. The 1040 model provides RS232, RS422 and Ethernet interfaces, plus some I/O. If the company’s claim of “unrivaled uptime” holds true and the price comes down some more, then continuous-ink-stream-printers will eventually be forced out of letters and flats processing. If ink throw distance is an issue, then continuous-ink-stream-printers still have the upper hand.

Schmalz provides vacuum handling systems as well as vacuum suction cups and pads. Schmalz also offers Large-Area Vacuum Gripping Systems, which are able to pick irregular shapes.