The game is on. Swiss Post has established Inca Mail, a secure e-mail service, which is even used by the Swiss legal system, and Deutsche Post is now following suit.

Here a summary of an article in “Financial Times Deutschland” (FTD):

Deutsche Post (german postal service) is using targeted lobbying to block a secure e-mail service (De-Mail), which is planned by the German government.

Due to the lobbying by Deutsche Post, the start of this project is probably delayed until 2011. Originally the necessary legislation was supposed to be signed this year and the start of De-Mail service was planned for 2010.

Apparently Deutsche Post is fearing upcoming competition from electronic mail service providers. Additionally Deutsche Post is working on it’s own project to provide secure e-mail service “Brief im Internet”, which is supposed to start in 2010 .

Deutsche Post denies the allegations. A speaker of Deutsche Post said to FTD: “We have been invited to a hearing and voiced our opinion – like other interest groups did”

Well, we have the distinct feeling that someone at Deutsche Post has finally realized the huge potential of secure electronic e-mail and that they want to secure their share of it. Thus their alleged lobbying to delay the secure e-mail project, which is run in parallel by the German government.

You may also want to read our prior post which sheds a little light on how the Swiss Post is offering secure electronic mail: Yodeling will cause sharp declines in letter mail.
We wonder who will grab their share of the secure e-mail business within the US.   It could and should be USPS but we somehow have the suspicion this will not be the case.