How so you may ask?

Let us explain:
The Swiss Alps are populated with savvy mountain people. In ye olden days they developed superior techniques for communication over mountain ranges. One is the alphorn and then there is yodeling. As we said, them Swiss are crafty tribesmen. Thus they have moved on to regular mail and finally Incamail. Since yodeling was at the roots of their communication system, we could consider Incamail to be a modern form of yodeling.

Incamail claims secure delivery of documents of all kinds and is even accepted for sending documents within the Swiss legal system. We foresee that a similar technique will at some point be used to transfer monthly bank statements, insurance bills, etc. in a trackable fashion. Postal Sanity still gets statements and bills by letter mail since we deem regular e-mail as unsecure. But for something like Incamail even Postal Sanity may sign up to. Especially if there exists a helper application which would allow us to quickly and securely file our electronic papers.

Once the other European postal services have their own version of Incamail (they are working on it) it will be only a question of time until USPS follows suit.

Within the next 5 to 8 years we predict a 50+% drop in volume of bank statements, bills and similar content sent by USPS letter mail. These documents will be sent electronically by then. So this is how modern day yodeling will cause sharp declines in letter mail volumes.