In June 2009 Swiss Post has launched Swiss Post Box (

Quote from their website:
Swiss Post Box is the secure, electronic equivalent to your regular physical mail box. It is the secure electronic post box of the future. With Swiss Post Box you have access to your physical mail online any time, from anywhere. Manage your physical mail online as easily as email.

So far so good. What Swiss Post has done is to license Earth Class Mail’s technology and incorporate it right in their sorting facilities.

In February 2009 Business Week featured an interesting article. In a nutshell: Use virtual delivery of mail in rural areas. Sounds like a great idea, but what if any amount of packages are to be delivered on a rural route? You guessed it, then the USPS truck has to drive no matter what. And have you ever tried to teach older folks the proper use of computer terminals or PDAs? Are you gonna force the people to have internet in order to get their mail? Plus there are still areas with no high speed internet connection. We somehow feel that this idea will not fly.