In the light of diminishing mail volumes and fighting those DO NOT MAIL campaigners we now have the traitors right amongst us. You better believe it. We found this little gem on the official Post Expo 2009 website:

“Only receive email updates about the show – not paper updates – when there is breaking news about the show; news about new technologies on show; and online conference program updates.
By registering for email updates, you will help reduce the amount of paper sent through the mail, and industry colleagues at the show will spot you as an ECO badge holder because you will be wearing our new green eco-friendly badge! ”

Yep, there you got it! Industry colleagues at the show will spot you as a traitor because you will be wearing the green eco-friendly badge! Gotta love it.

We got a really good giggle out of this one. Even the Post Expo organization is trying to save money by not mailing materials. How cute.

Saving cost by avoiding mailings is the name of the game these days. Just wait until the US banks will no longer send out monthly bank statements without charging you for it. Once this happens people will revert to online statements in rather big flocks. More on this follows in a future blog entry.